Our Scholarship Program enables students of British and Commonwealth heritage to complete their degrees.


With the national college drop-out rate at over 55%, St. George’s Society is committed to breaking down the financial barriers that often prevent promising students from completing their education. We offer financial aid to students who have achieved excellent academic standing but due to financial hardship are unable to complete their final year of undergraduate studies.

For more than 10 years, St. George’s Society has provided a stable education for promising students. With your support, we will have the ability to expand our reach, bringing more opportunity to students in need.

Since the Program began in 2008, St. George’s Society has awarded 350 scholarships to deserving undergraduate students, totaling almost $1 million

The Society currently awards scholarships to students at the following institutions:



Ahmed Siiba.jpg

Ahmed, 2017

"My St. George's Society scholarship gave me a sense of confidence—that I’m on the right path and I can achieve my goal."

Natalie Thomas

Natalie, 2017

"Becoming a St. George’s Society scholar is more than just financial aid. It means that a group of people who have never met me, believe in me and believe in my ability to accomplish my goals."


Sana, 2016

"I thank St. George's Society and their supporters for believing in me and providing me with the stepping stone to becoming a cardiac surgeon."


Thanks to our Pathways Partners


Eligibility for St. George’s Society’s Scholarship Program is based on financial need and determined by Lehman College and Hunter College. For further information, please contact their Financial Aid offices directly.