Medal of Honor

THE MEDAL OF HONOR was established in 1996, to recognize those who have rendered exemplary service to British interests and/or the international community at large and has been awarded to:


Sir Alan Walters (1996)
Robin Leach (1997)
Commodore John Burton-Hall (1998)
Lord Trotman of Osmotherley (1999)
The Rt. Hon. Lord George PC GBE (2000)
Sir Dennis Weatherstone KBE (2001)
Sir Edwin A.G. Manton (2001)
Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge (2002)
Sir Deryck Maughan (2003)
Sir Howard Stringer (2004)
Lord Browne of Madingley (2005)
Sir John Bond (2006)
Lord Saatchi (2007)
Martin J. Sullivan OBE (2008)
Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE (2008)

Lionel Barber (2009)
Louis V. Gerstner Jr. KBE (2009)
Sir Terry Leahy (2009)
Sir John Rose (2009)
Mark C. Pigott KBE (2010)
Angela Ahrendts DBE (2011)
Bob Diamond (2012)
Sir Win Bischoff (2013)
Wilbur Ross (2014)
Stephen P. McGill CBE (2015)
Sir Martin Sorrell (2016)
Natalie T. Pray (2017)
Dan Glaser (2018)
Bob Dudley (2019)



THE ORDER OF ST. GEORGE’S SOCIETY was introduced in 2004 to recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves through extraordinary service in furtherance of the Society’s mission and has been awarded to:


Sir Thomas Harris KBE CMG (2004)
Jim Dale MBE (2006)
Richard T. Nicodemus (2005)
William R. Miller CBE (2007)
Sir Alan Collins KCVO CMG (2011)
William J. Shepherd (2011)
Natalie T. Pray (2013)

Melissa M. Gibbs (2014)
Rodney N.M. Johnson MBE (2014)
Michael A. Boyd (2015)
C. Hugh Hildesley MBE (2016)
Danny Lopez (2016)
Antonia Romeo (2017)
Lady Weatherstone (2018)



THE ANGLO-AMERICAN CULTURAL AWARD was established in 2010 to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the US-UK cultural world and has been awarded to:


Dame Glenda Bailey (2010)
Tony Walton (2010)
Simon Fuller (2013)
Jonny Wilkinson CBE (2014)
Geoffrey N. Bradfield (2015)
Sir Steve Redgrave (2015)

Dr. Amanda Foreman (2016)
Jeremy Guscott MBE (2016)
Paula Radcliffe MBE (2017)
Bradley Wright-Phillips (2018)
Tim Marlow (2019)



THE COMMONWEALTH AWARD was established in 2010 to recognize people who have contributed to the Commonwealth community and has been awarded to:


Vincent HoSang (2010)
James G. Goren (2015)

British Leadership Award

THE BRITISH LEADERSHIP AWARD was established in 2017 by St. George's Society in partnership with the UK's Department for International Trade to recognize the achievements of an outstanding individual in the British-American business community in New York and has been awarded to : 


Luke Parker Bowles (2017)
Gareth Jones (2018)