Our Beneficiary Program provides vital financial and quality-of-life support to disadvantaged seniors, protecting them from homelessness, poverty, isolation and neglect.

Our assistance offers hope and home to elderly and disabled people of British and Commonwealth heritage in New York. Many of our beneficiaries have worked all their lives in low-paying jobs without the benefit of a pension or the knowledge of how to procure the benefits they have earned. Others, due to ill-health or longevity, have simply exceeded their resources.

Our Beneficiary Program provides support in three core areas:


Monthly stipends for basic necessities such as rent, home care expenses, utility payments and medication.


Guidance and emotional support from our team of social workers.


Outings and community activities such as our annual Beneficiary Tea Party to encourage social interaction.


With the number of homeless elderly in America expected to grow to nearly 100,000 by 2050, our mission is to ensure that our beneficiaries are afforded the safety and dignity to live out their lives in their own homes.*

The Society also responds to appeals for short-term emergency assistance from those facing unforeseen crises. From air conditioning units during a heat wave to help with expenses related to vital medical procedures, our support is tailored to the unique needs of the individuals and families in crisis.



All beneficiaries must be referred to St. George’s Society by a social worker. For further details or inquiries, please contact us at hello@stgeorgessociety.org.