A New Couch for Margaret

St. George’s Society’s charitable support has taken a number of forms since our founding in 1770.  For nearly 250 years the Society has adapted its work to meet the needs our New York community.

Margaret has been a beneficiary of St. George’s Society since 2001. Consistently described as a warm individual who even in the most difficult of times presents herself with a good cheer, Margaret is a joy to anyone who meets her.


In the summer of 2016, a bedbug infestation overtook Margaret’s tenement building on the Upper East Side. Her floor was designated as “ground zero” and she and a fellow elderly neighbor agreed to relocate into a temporary shared apartment for four months. Fortunately, since her rent payments were suspended by the landlord, our stipend support was “saved” enabling Margaret to replace her furniture.

A new couch, chair, dresser and clothing were needed when she returned to her apartment, which the Society provided. Unfortunately, when our Manton Social Worker, Mary Lamasney, went for a home visit this past March, she noticed that one of the legs on the new couch was off kilter and deemed it unsafe for use. Mary immediately notified the store regarding the defect but they were not quick to respond.

After a series of weekly calls to the furniture store in Brooklyn, Aslam, the Society’s Mountbatten Intern, secured a replacement and a new and improved couch was delivered to Margaret’s home earlier this month.

Margaret’s story is a great example of the work of our Emergency Grants Program, where we seek to help individuals facing unforeseen crises.

Thanks to your support St. George’s Society is able to continue to help people like Margaret.

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