Partners in Care: Marjorie’s Story

The Society’s Beneficiary Program continues to collaborate with local social services agencies as well as partner charities to ensure that our seniors can remain in their homes and age with dignity.

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Meet Marjorie

When Marjorie was referred to us by our friends at the Legal Aid Society, she was facing eviction from her home of nearly 30 years. Originally from Trinidad, she moved to the US to earn money for her two children’s education back in her home country. She worked as a home health aide—first as a private “live-in” caregiver then as a contractor with an agency—until her advancing osteoarthritis left her unable to get medical clearance to continue working.

Her modest income from her Social Security could not cover both her rent and living expenses, and she quickly found herself in housing court facing eviction.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Legal Aid and St. George’s Society, her arrears have been paid and we continue to cover a portion of her rent each month. Now that her situation is stable and the burden is lifted, she plans to start volunteering in her local community garden.