Meet Lucy

Lucy pictured with her oldest daughter.

Lucy pictured with her oldest daughter.

Lucy’s path to nursing was unconventional to say the least. She had a successful career as a graphic designer in her home country of Nigeria, where she met her husband. After moving to the US, she worked as a freelance designer for the Cancer Research Institute. Hearing patients’ stories and seeing the impact of the nursing staff, made a huge impression on her. She was reminded of her late father and how his death could have been avoided had he had access to quality healthcare.

I took an account of my life and started to consider the legacy that I wanted to leave. How could I contribute more to my community? I kept coming back to nursing.”

A new mother, she enrolled in Lehman College’s Nursing program. Learning an entirely new skill set while working and raising a family was not easy. Nevertheless, Lucy knew that succeeding would not only provide personal fulfillment, but also inspire her daughter to dream big.

The St. George’s Society Scholarship could not have come at a more opportune time. Having discovered that she was pregnant with her second child, she knew that her family would have to soon survive on an even more limited budget.

Dropping out of school was not an option so I applied for the scholarship. I’m still in shock that I got it and to be selected as a Coller Capital Scholar as well! My husband was shouting and dancing when we found out.

She welcomed the newest addition to her family this August and looks forward to completing her degree in 2020.

I’m deeply humbled and sincerely thankful for this lifechanging opportunity. This has been a god send.