Member Spotlight: Kushal Patel

Kushal Patel.jpeg

Associate Attorney, Laura Devine Law 

Joined: 2015
Born: Croydon, UK
Lives: Murray Hill, Manhattan

What brought you to New York? 
My wife. We met and began dating in London where she was completing her Master’s degree. When she needed to move to New York for her PhD, I realized being in a long-distance relationship was harder than taking the New York Bar exam. So here I am, doing what I love in a city that has steadily grown on me… my home away from home.

How did you learn about St. George’s Society?
I first heard about SGS when I attended the Bash a few years ago. I am lucky enough to work for a firm that is a strong supporter of the Society, which means I have been able to get involved with a number of the projects and events that SGS works to provide.

What do you enjoy about being a member of St. George’s Society? 
Initially being a member was a fantastic cure for homesickness—fun events where I could meet fellow Brits and make new friends in a new city. Membership still provides great events throughout the year, but also gives me opportunities to give back to those in need in New York. To me this is priceless and I cannot commend the SGS team enough for the tireless work they do!

You’re running the Tough Mudder for Team SGSNY this fall. Why did you decide take on this challenge?
Since moving to New York, I have realized that portion sizes come in large, extra large and ‘Welcome to America’ large. I wanted to balance out my overeating with giving back to the Society, and I was able to find 14 other people crazy enough to sign up to a 10-mile obstacle course through mud, fire, ice-water and even 10,000 volts of electricity to raise money for St. George’s Society.

What advice would you give for people interested in community fundraising?
DO IT! Every penny, cent and dollar counts and goes to help fund and support some truly worthwhile causes. Get some friends together and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You will be making a huge difference to people’s lives and have so much fun doing it!  

What is your favorite New York place or pastime?
Drinking on rooftops, going to 14th street for the Arsenal games early on a Saturday morning and knowing that in NY you will always be able to find someone that loves the same things that you love.