Members and Friends Take Action for Team SGSNY

Much of our support comes from those who make kind donations, but did you know that there are many other ways you can contribute to St. George’s Society?

Our Event Manager, Eliane Abou-Assi shares how she is taking action with Team SGSNY this fall.

On Saturday 7th October, a team of 11 members of St. George’s Society will take the Tough Mudder Challenge.

The 10-mile mud-soaked course will consist of variety 20+ different obstacles ranging from climbing over muddy rotating barriers and a 15’ tall quarter pipe to crawling through mud with only an 18” clearance between rows of barbed wire. Each challenge we face will test our physical strength, stamina and mental grit, but—most importantly—it will challenge our ability to work as a team.

Although my height and physical strength better qualifies me to participate in the Mini Mudder, I have committed to running the full 10 miles for a great cause, and there is no backing out now! Over the last few months, members of our team have gathered for boxing classes, training in Central Park, long distance runs and a variety of different fitness classes. With only about 4 weeks to go, I realized it is about time I should also start to train.

Despite my overwhelming nerves, I am really looking forward to watching our team come together on the day. The Tough Mudder is a unique race. There no clocks or awards for finishing at a certain time. The challenge is all about doing your best as a team and having some fun (hopefully)!

If you are interested in supporting Eliane's team, the British American Mudders (BAM), on their muddy journey, please make a donation at