FUNdraising with our Mountbatten Committee

Our current Mountbatten intern, Hannah, has been working hard with her Mountbatten Fundraising Committee to come up with ways to raise money for St. George’s Society’s charitable programs.

Here Hannah fills us in on the planning progress so far:


Since April this year, the committee has been meeting up regularly to plan our first event. I’m so pleased with the response that I have had from my peers. Mountbatten life can be busy, so I appreciate how much spare time the committee members have given to this initiative. Everyone has worked really hard and I know that what we have planned is going to be a great success.

After some deliberation, we decided that there’s nothing quite like a game of… Bingo! Combine this with an extended happy hour, good music and a great atmosphere and you’ve got the perfect event for the St. George’s Society and Mountbatten communities to enjoy together!

We’ve put together marketing materials and begun promoting the event on social media. We’ve also started acquiring some fun prizes for the evening. It’s been all hands on deck for this event and we are so excited for it to happen. Outside of raising money for St. George’s, the evening is a great excuse for Mountbattens (and anyone else who would like to join us!) to come together and have a lot of fun.


Boozy Bingo will be held at The Churchill on Thursday 2nd August at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $10 per person which includes entry and participation in all rounds. The evening will be led by our fantastic Mountbatten bingo callers who will, of course, be announcing numbers in strict bingo lingo!

If you would like to sign up for the event or support our fundraiser with a donation, visit our event page.