Member Spotlight: Jennifer Stevens


Corporate Member
Laura Devine Law

Joined: 2013
Born: Nottingham, UK
Lives: Brooklyn, NY

What brought you to New York? I have worked with Laura Devine for several years now (too many to count!) and initially started with the firm in London. I was a legal assistant and then one of the first trainee solicitors, qualifying in 2007. In 2010, Laura and Anastasia Tonello, our Managing Partner, opened our New York office and I was instantly interested in working there. I had always loved working with Anastasia, so when she relocated to New York, a move was even more appealing! I was not ready to leave London, the city I loved and had lived in for 10 years, but there is just something about New York City…

How did you learn about St. George’s Society? From the moment I moved to New York, I became aware of St George’s Society’s reputation for great members, events and charitable work. I believe I first heard about the Society through colleagues but then learned more through the wider British community in NYC.

What do you enjoy about being a member? I love being a member, because everyone involved in the running of St George’s Society has been so welcoming and supportive. This also applies to the other members. I have made great friends as well as business contacts. The events are fantastic—my favorites being the Bonfire Night celebrations and, of course, the British Bash.

As a firm, Laura Devine has been a Corporate Member for several years, which has been a real benefit to us. For example, we have hosted events with the Society such as our H-1B Visa Info Session, which we will be hosting again next year. All members and friends are welcome!

What is your favorite New York place or pastime? I like to keep it simple – Sunday brunch and a walk round my local park makes me very happy these days!