Chloe's Journey

Originally from Yorkshire, Chloe was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer in 2005. Since moving to New York for treatment in 2006, St. George’s Society has financially supported Chloe and her family. Chloe’s mother Shirley spoke with us about their journey.

How did you hear about the charitable work of St. George’s?

We were staying at the Ronald McDonald House, and the weekend night manager at that time mentioned the Society.

Shirley and Chloe Hewitt

Shirley and Chloe Hewitt

Why did they refer you?
We moved to New York in order for Chloe to receive further treatment in 2006. The city was and still is the only place that can help Chloe. Chloe has a recurrent disease (6 relapses), and there are no treatments available outside the USA for her condition. Employment was not an option for my husband Steve, as he is not a US citizen and did not have a working visa at the time.

What did assistance from St. George’s Society’s mean to your family?
Assistance from St George’s Society was a major help: both when we were first granted a stipend, and later when we lost our health insurance and St George’s paid for Chloe to be insured. We just managed to keep heads above water until Steve was able to find employment.

The friendship and support offered by St. George’s helped so much through those very difficult times, and we are not sure how we would have managed without it.

Where is Chloe now?
Chloe is at college in Boston and doing very well. Her major is in Fibers, and she is enjoying all of her classes. She loves knitting and finds using yarns as a type of meditation. One of the classes this semester is a woodwork class, which she very much enjoys. Balancing the college work and her cancer treatment is a challenge, but she is doing an amazing job. 

Sometimes I am taking large strides, sometimes small steps but I am always looking forward not back. My name is Chloe Hewitt. I am a survivor and I will not be defined by my disease.