The Society Awards 44 Scholarships for 2019/20 Year

Thanks to the generosity of our Pathways Partners and this year's Fund-A-Scholar donors, St. George’s Society awarded 44 scholarships to final-year students at Lehman and Hunter Colleges for the 2019/20 academic year.

In addition to much-needed financial support, the Society also provides enrichment opportunities for past and present recipients of the award. This initiative focuses on providing direction and support for success beyond graduation, with an emphasis on career guidance, leadership, goal setting and character-building skills.

We are thrilled to see the mentoring initiative come to life for our scholars and alumni community. As well as benefiting the mentees, it offers members the chance to contribute to shaping the future of young professionals.
— David Drinkwater, Scholarship Committee Chair

As a part of this program, the Society will host a Career Enhancement Workshop on Tuesday 24th September. The interactive workshop will offer breakout sessions that cover a variety of topics, including professional development, how to network effectively, and building a LinkedIn profile.

We are seeking mentors for St. George’s Society scholars. The time commitment for this volunteer role is flexible, and mentors and mentees will be paired accordingly. Many of our scholars have specific interests in the areas of medicine, law, social work, finance, psychology and education.

If you are interested in attending our Career Enhancement Workshop or becoming a Mentor, please contact Eliane Abou-Assi at