BOB TV Holiday Favorites

BOB TV (Best of British Television) is an exciting new channel, available through Amazon Prime which brings British programming to audiences abroad. Authentic British content, recently aired in the UK and loved by the folks at home, BOB TV boasts and eclectic selection of British comedies, reality shows, games shows, talk shows and exciting new programming from across the pond. Updated regularly with new formats and rising stars, if you love British television, or are missing your favorite shows from home, you’ll love BOB TV.

Hear's a list of their top shows to catch up on during the holidays:

Great Night Out

Lee Boardman (The Five, Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands) leads an ensemble cast in this hysterical comedy following four friends as they help each other through romantic, work and family predicaments whilst in doing so, invariably create bigger problems to solve. The series charts the lads' attempts to right their worldly wrongs, so long as they don't have to move too far from the local pub or the football to do so.



Winner of Bafta’s prestigious TV Awards, for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Program, prolific performer Darren Boyd portrays Tim, a single father trying to win back the respect and affections of his horribly precocious nine-year-old son, Marcus. In the hope of proving that he is not a complete loser, Tim quits his dead-end job but his life changes forever when he is accidentally recruited as a trainee spy for MI5.


The Royal Bodyguard

Sir David Jason (A Touch of Frost) plays Captain Guy Hubble, a life-long soldier coming up for retirement who has been put in charge of Royal security.  He sounds perfect for the job but unfortunately, he turns out to be the worst possible appointment as he is totally out of his depth. Now the fate of the Royal Family is in the hands of this walking disaster as he supervises all their security arrangements.


Come Dine With Me: Couples

In the vein of popular UK cooking shows, dinner parties are now given special treatment as couples come together to host the perfect night. Competitive dining gets personal as each pair have to work together to score the highest marks and take home the cash prize. Will the hosts make the perfect team, or will their relationship be tested to the limit as they try to agree on the menu and entertainment?


Britain’s Secret Homes

Britain's Secret Homes is a documentary series revealing the remarkable stories behind the UK's most secret, surprising and intriguing homes. Each home tells an extraordinary story about who we are as a nation and how we once lived. These homes' stories deliver eye-opening accounts of political intrigue, conspiracy, invention, romance and heroism that make the very fabric of British history.


The Jonathan Ross Show – Classic Episodes!

For over 20 years Jonathan has been a giant of the television landscape, winning massive audiences for every show with his celebrity guests, live music and trademark humour. From the light entertainment shows, to film reviews, comedy panel shows and hosting awards ceremonies, Jonathan Ross IS showbiz. His charming style means he gets more from his guests than any other interviewer.


Hot Tub Britain

Britain has gone mad about the hot tub. No longer an accessory exclusively for the rich, the tub has gone mainstream, becoming Britain's most desirable status symbol, and one family business in Blackpool is cashing in. Dad, Dennis Holmes, son Dan Holmes and son in law Ross Phillipson own the biggest hot tub superstore in Britain with a turnover of more than £10 million a year. Watch how they do it!

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