Planned Giving

The Bishop Benjamin Moore Circle
The Bishop Benjamin Moore Circle was established to recognize those who have provided for the Society in their wills or through other planned gifts.

The Rt. Rev. Benjamin Moore (1748–1816), who was the 2nd Episcopal Bishop of New York, was elected a member of the Society in 1787 and established the first Charity Committee. His legacy led to the current day Beneficiary and Scholarship programs.

Should you wish to join the Bishop Benjamin Moore Circle, please contact the Society’s offices for further information or simply send a note informing the Society that you have included it in your plans. Questions regarding gifts of appreciated property, life insurance, and specific naming opportunities should be addressed to Anna Titley, Executive Director.

Harold E. Abott*

Margaret Bell*

Ralph Bell*

Charlotte M.F. Bentley*

Geoffrey N. Bradfield

Pauline Brooks

Maurice G. Burnett

Robert Peyton Burnett, OBE*

John Calvert*

William E. Carnaghan*

Carol Chetrick, LCSW

Arthur R. Clapham*

Janice C. Coleman

Robert Compton*

Elizabeth E. Cooke*

John K. Copelin*

R. Leroy Corbett*

Simon Cunningham*

Jeff and Vicki Downey

Anne S. Duffy*

Marguerite Eckert*

Megan Elder *

Alfred E. Everett*

Peter M. Felix, CBE

Minnie E. Gitsham*

J. Scott Glascock

Sandra Grassby, CSW

Lieselotte Hales-Coleman*

Alice Hare*

Gertrude M. Hartrath*

Bruce F.E. Harvey, OBE*

Eldon Harvey*

John C. Harvey

Andrew M. Hay, CBE *

Geoffrey B. Hutchings*

Rodney N.M. Johnson, MBE

Edith Kallir*

Charles B. Langley*

George L. Larned*

Lionel V. Longhurst*

William N. MacLeod*

Michael C. May

Norah McKegg*

William R. Miller, CBE

Claire Moynihan*

Frank B. Powell*

Natalie T. Pray

Peter L. Raven, MBE

Walter B. Redman*

Edward N. Rogers*

Roger M.L. Schmitt, V

Patricia Schofield*

Brigadier Edwin Seymour-Bell*

Wendy J. Shadwell*

John McC. Shannon

William J. Shepherd

Herbert Renells Stevens*

Victor E. Stewart

Stephen J. Storen

Elsa M. Stout*

Robert and Pattie Titley

Colton P. Wagner, MBE*

Norman C. Williams, OBE*

Albert E. Woodley*


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