How to Apply

Beneficiary Program

Applicant must:

  • Be referred to the Society by a community based social worker.
  • Be born in the United Kingdom or one of the Commonwealth nations and/or be a first degree relative (son or daughter) of a mother or father born in the United Kingdom or Commonwealth nations.  
  • Be over 65 years old.
  • Be legally in the United States.
  • Be able to provide proof of British or Commonwealth heritage. (Passport, birth certificate, green card).
  • Have a genuine need for assistance.
  • Agree to a home visit by the Society’s social workers.

Scholarship Program

Applicant must:

  • Be enrolled at Lehman or Hunter Colleges
  • Be referred by the Financial Aid offices of Lehman or Hunter College
  • Have completed three years of course work
  • Have maintained a 3.0 GPA
  • Be from the UK or a Commonwealth country

More Information
Tel: 212-682-6110

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